For any LG G4 repair, either a screen, battery or dock connector replacement or just a simple question you may have regarding your phone’s functions, you have come to the right place.

At YES WE FIX IT it only takes 15 minutes to complete almost all repairs on spot and your favorite device is handed back to you accompanied by a guarantee.

You may visit one of YES WE FIX IT stores for a new, exciting in-store experience. During your short stay, while you wait for your LG G4 to get fixed, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and explore our vast variety of accessories and gadgets.

How Much Will It Cost?
LG G4 LCD Screen Repair
LG G4 Touch Screen Repair
LG G4 Battery Replacement
LG G4 Water Damage Repair
LG G4 Backover Repair
LG G4 Dock Connector Repaiar
LG G4 Homy Key Repair
LG G4 Power Button Repair
LG G4 Sim Card Reader Repair
LG G4 Volume Button Repair
LG G4 Headset Repair
LG G4 Vibrator Repair
LG G4 Speaker Repair
LG G4 Front Camera Repair
LG G4 Camera Repair
LG G4 GSM Antenna Repair
LG G4 Wifi Repair
LG G4 Microphone Repair
LG G4 Mainboard Repair

We provide a 100% service discount for more than one repair on the same device. For more information regarding our discount scheme, give us a call. Prices do not include VAT.